We take care in the home

Our volunteer drivers can help with your medical appointments

Our bereavement support can help you through a difficult time

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Tynedale Hospice at Home is a local charity based in Hexham covering the wider community of Tynedale and West Northumberland.  Unlike many traditional hospices, we do not have in-patient beds and take our care to those who need it, in a place of their choice. This enables people, with a life-limiting illness, to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by family and friends, at one of the most difficult times of life.


In offering a range of free services to all those in Tynedale who need our care, support, help and advice as their illness progresses and lives draw to a close, our professionally trained staff and volunteers bring their skills and hands-on care to support those who choose to be cared for at home. Each patient and family is treated as an individual with specific needs. We offer carebereavement servicesfamily support and hospital transport using nurses, support workers and volunteers.


Our values:

Respect – a confidential service for each individual and their circumstances

Dignity – for those who are dying and their families

Professionalism – our staff and volunteers are trained to give high quality end of life care

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