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Nursing Care in the Home

Care for the whole family

Care in Your Own Home

Being diagnosed with a life limiting illness or palliative condition can be a daunting experience, and for many people, being cared for in their own home, surrounded by people they know and love, can make a big difference.

Our Nursing Care Services Team is made up of trained Hospice Care Nurses and Hospice Support Workers.  They work closely with your local GP, district nurse and other community services to provide the care you need in your own home.

The service is free and available to adults (18 years and over) with life limiting illnesses or palliative care needs who live in the areas of West Northumberland, Tynedale and Ponteland, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and achieved a ‘Good’ rating in our last inspection in April 2019.

Taking Care of You

We know how important it is to support people who wish to receive hospice care in their home and avoid unwanted admissions to hospital in the final stage of their life.

Our Nurses and Hospice Support Workers are specially trained to provide high quality nursing and personal care, whilst being on hand to provide emotional support to both you and your family.

Care can be provided over a period of hours, days, weeks or even months depending on need and can include personal and nursing care, advice on pain management and symptom control, support and care on discharge from a hospital visit and much needed respite care for families and carers who need to take a break and have some time for themselves.  This list is not exhaustive, and care will be tailored to your needs.

You and your wider family are at the heart of what we do and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible at the end of your life.

Referral to our service

You can access our service through any healthcare professional e.g. GP, District Nurse, Macmillan Nurse or Community Matron.

For more information, please contact the Nursing Care Services Team on 01434 604 321.

The smallest things make the biggest difference

It’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference,” says Karen, one of Tynedale Hospice at Home’s nurses, reflecting on the care we provide.

It was this unique support that struck a chord with Aline Watson’s family when she received care from Tynedale Hospice at Home last year.  Aline from Hexham was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2014 and received care from Karen, and others from the Hospice, in the final hours before she died in May 2016, aged 72.

“Mum’s diagnosis was a shock for all the family,” Mari Stewart, Aline’s eldest daughter explains.  “She had always been such a vibrant woman, so full of energy and lived her life at the heart of the community.  She was a teacher and actively involved in amateur dramatics.  We hadn’t expected some routine blood tests when she was feeling ‘not quite right’ to reveal such devastating news.

“She was adamant that she wanted to die in Hexham, and at home.  When it was clear that her treatment was palliative, we wanted to do everything we could to make her as comfortable as possible but remain true to her wishes.  The Hospice was a lifeline at this terrible time and we couldn’t have made it through without the support of their nurses. Their professionalism and the care she and our family received made what was an awful time more bearable.

Karen talks about the service that she and other Hospice nurses offer as like a “warm coat of support” at what is an extremely difficult time for families. It’s a service that goes beyond the medical care of the patients, it is care that supports the whole family.

“It wasn’t just about the medical care,” continues Mari. “We were struck by the simple things the nurses offered – from making a cup of tea when we were exhausted and didn’t want to leave Mum’s side – to giving us the space and time to be alone with her. Knowing they were there in the background to provide support when we needed it was such a relief.

“Thanks to the Hospice, my sister, Fiona and I were able to sit with her knowing she was as comfortable as possible and my dad was able to be with his wife of 44 years, as she died.  It was just as Mum had wanted.”

Karen said: “We’re here to provide comfort and a listening ear for each patients’ family members and friends.  Our presence helps to give each family confidence and reassurance that their loved one is comfortable and well cared for.   I see part of my job as also being able to give the family a break, to give them time and space to pick their children up from school, go shopping, meet friends, have a coffee. Have a rest.  The simple things.

“In my role as a nurse, making a patient as pain-free as possible is a given.  But Hospice care is so much more than that.  It’s amazing the difference you can make with something simple  – a soothing touch of your hand on their arm, a hand massage, some crushed ice on their lips when their mouth is so dry they can’t speak.  These are small gestures, but the positive difference they can make can have such an impact,” continued Karen.

“This unique care is at heart of our approach and one of the many reasons why I love doing what I do.”

What others say about us…

“The nurses were brilliant. They inspire confidence and trust. I really can’t say enough how important they were in helping us all cope. Without them it would have been impossible.”

“I was offered far more than I could ever have expected. Not only were the carers looking after my Dad, but also my Mum and me. Without them this would have been an even more difficult experience. All I can really say is you are fabulous. Everyone I have had contact with has been so helpful and caring.”

“A really heartfelt thank you to everyone at the Hospice. Your amazing nurses were there when we needed you the most, it allowed us to spend those last hours together with our Dad without any worry. We don’t know what we would have done without you.”