We need your support

Our service is free of charge to those who need it, therefore we rely on the generous and continued support of people in our community who support our services. Less than 10% of our annual running costs are provided by statutory sources which means that 90% of our funds must be raised through fundraising, charitable donations and gifts in Wills.  

However you want to support us there’s something for everyone. Any contribution you make will make a real difference to individuals and families in Tynedale, West Northumberland and Ponteland. If you would like to fundraise for us or take on a challenge then we are here to support you every step of the way and we’d love to hear from you.


You can contact our team by calling 01434 606 444 or by emailing fundraising@tynedalehospice.com.


Fundraise for us

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Take part in a sponsored event or challenge

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Host your own event



We know that lots of people like the idea of running an event to support us, but it can be a daunting prospect –  we are here to help you make the experience of fundraising for us a positive one by providing assistance and support. If you would like our help for your fundraising activities please contact fundraising@tynedalehospice.com for further information and advice.

We can offer you help with:

    • Poster Design service with our logo clearly displayed
    • Ticket design
    • Advertising on our website and in our newsletter
    • Speakers at your event
    • Linking your business to us
    • Running a raffle



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