Family Support Services for Adults – Pre and Post Bereavement

bereavementPre Bereavement

The diagnosis of a life threatening or potentially life limiting condition can be a frightening experience for an individual and their family.  Many people find it helpful in this situation to talk to someone who is trained to offer support at this difficult time.



Post Bereavement

Bereavement is something that all of us will have to deal with at some time, and the way in which we deal with it will vary from person to person and may depend on whether it was an expected or sudden death.

Feelings you may experience can include a sense of shock or numbness, anxiety, anger, panic, despair and isolation.  These different feelings can come and go, are unpredictable and random.  You may cry a lot or not cry at all.  Please remember though, that there are no ‘wrong feelings’.



Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms you may experience could include breathlessness, exhaustion, changes in appetite, changes to sleep patterns, palpitations and physical pain.

The grief you may feel can be time consuming and leave you feeling generally run down and lethargic.

If you are worried about any symptoms please talk to your Doctor.



How We Can Help

Tynedale Hospice at Home provides support to those who need it, following a diagnosis of a terminal illness, or the death of someone special.

People can find it very helpful to talk to someone who is objective about their thoughts and feelings and help them make sense of what has happened.  We can offer support in a number of ways:

  • One to one support, either in your own home, or at Tynedale Hospice at Home by trained volunteers.
  • Support will continue for as long as we feel is beneficial to you.
  • A free of charge service available to all those living within the Tynedale Hospice at Home catchment area.
  • A confidential service.
  • You can self refer directly to us or be referred by your GP or other health professional.



How Does the Service Work?

When you request support our Family Support Practitioner will arrange a meeting to discuss your needs with you.  Following this, you will be allocated a volunteer who will then contact you to arrange an appointment.  Support will be ongoing from here.



Our Family Support Volunteers

Our volunteers are all trained in bereavement support and active listening skills.  They are offered regular supervision with our Adult Family Support Practitioner.



Adult Support Groups

We also run adult support groups, where a small number of people who are experiencing a similar type of bereavement meet together on a regular basis.  We provide a safe confidential environment with an experienced and trained facilitator where you can share your feelings, learn from each other, and give and receive mutual support.

Some examples of our adult support groups are:

  • People who have experienced the death of a parent
  • People who have experienced the death of a spouse

Adult support groups run at regular intervals throughout the year.



What We Can Offer

  • Active listening service
  • Advice on where to go for help



What We Don’t Offer

  • Counselling service
  • Family therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medical advice
  • Social work services



Contact Us

If you would like to speak to us further about pre or post bereavement Family Support for adults please call our team on 01434 600384.